4 way stop proposed for Front and Hampshire

A new business could be coming to the

Quincy river front


A national restaurant and bar franchise has expressed interest in the former home of Backwaters and Johnny Bang Bang's. But before the deal can go through the company asked for a 4 way stop to be put in on the corner of Front and Hampshire.

On Thursday night, the

Quincy Traffic Commission

met to discuss the pros and cons of recommending that request to the Quincy City Council.

One of the biggest issues regarding the proposal is the possible economic boost this new business could bring to Quincy.

Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp says, "The Commission heard 500 to 600 patrons a day there. That's going to generate a lot of pedestrian counts in that intersection and I think that the Commission thought that would be a thing to get the traffic stopped at that intersection on Front Street and just make it safer for the patrons during that time of usage."

The Traffic Commission agreed to recommend the 4 ways stop proposal to the City Council with the stipulation that the change over will not occur until closer to the business opening.

This will save the city from unnecessarily changing the traffic flow for a business that decides not to move into the location.

If all goes as planned the new business, whose name is being withheld at this time, could be open by summer.

The recommendation will go before the

Quincy City Council

on Monday.