152 new laws are now on the books in Illinois

As we begin 2013, the State of Illinois only has 152 new laws that are now on the books as of the first of year.

Some deal with increased fees you will have to pay if you're a resident of the state and some others will affect you if you travel in the state.

The first increase that will affect almost everyone living in Illinois is the increase in the license plate renewal fee. Under the old rate, people who licensed a car paid $99 a year. But when you go to renew this year, there's going to be a two dollar increase. The additional money will head to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to help with covering some of the costs of repair and maintenance of the state parks across the state. Right now, the DNR has seen it's budget shrink over the years from about $107 million 12-years-ago to about $45 million last year.

Also, another law that Governor Quinn signed last year and will now be on the books banning of all cell phone use in a highway construction and work zones no matter if there is a reduced speed limit posted or not. And there are some changes for commercial motor vehicles as well that outlaws the use of handheld mobile devices while driving.

A couple of other new laws also now on the books involve social media privacy. The Illinois law now says employers can't ask you for your social media password to such things as Facebook and other social networking sites and in case you missed it, it's no longer legal to own, sell or trade shark fins here in the state of Illinois.