14 arrested in large scale drug roundup in Quincy

Fourteen people, all from Quincy, have been arrested on meth and cocaine charges during a large scale operation on Wednesday night.

All 14 had indictments against them and The Adam's County Sheriff's Office, West Central IL Drug Task Force, Quincy Police Department and U.S. Marshals conducted a warrant roundup.

Arrested for unlawful possession of meth precursors were: Carey Summers, Megan Wingerter, Bertha Conners, Darrell Conners, Daniel McColez, Felicia McColez, and Bradley Schutte.

Arrested for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance: Shumeka Wilson, Timothy Wigfall, Brandon Branch (with intent to deliver,) and Everett Humphrey.

Arrested for unlawful methamphetamine conspiracy: Jennifer Rost and Jeremy Rost

Arrested for unlawful delivery of a look a like substance: Jason Blackwell.

All 14 people are being held in the Adams County Jail.

Besides these arrests, 5 more people were determined to be in jails or other detention centers across the region.