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      101 years of business in the bag

      Sturhahn Jewelers is celebrating 101 years in Quincy this week.

      Staff decided to give a much needed gift back to the community as a token of appreciation throughout the years.

      One hundred and one bags of groceries rolled into the Salvation Army food pantry at Family Services Monday morning, just in time for the morning rush.

      "We've been very blessed and it's just great that we can help out and give back to those in need," Steve Sturhahn said.

      Major Dan Jennings says the Salvation Army food pantry sees an average of 1,200 families throughout the month. About 400 families are first time clients, which makes it harder for the pantry to keep up with demand.

      "Sometimes, I think it's pretty easy to go about your daily routine and not realize the number of people that are around you that may be struggling one way or another. With the way the economy's been, there's just a lot of need right now," Sturhahn said.

      "The food pantry right now is really being taxed to its limit, lots of bare shelf space that we really need to get filled up in anticipation of the holiday season coming. So, for us, it was the perfect gift at the perfect time," Jennings said. "It allows us to keep putting food boxes together, and you can see, we're really being selective about what we put in the food boxes, so this makes the boxes more robust. As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have a couple of big food drives. So, now, becomes this lull, so this literally came at just the right time."

      Last year, Sturhahn Jewelers celebrated its landmark 100th Anniversary by giving 100 gifts to 100 unsuspecting people in Quincy over a 10 week period.