You can be on a swim team at any age

Sheridan swim coach, Michael Moffitt has been coaching the Masters Swimming Program since 2010. Team member Carrie Kimber has been on it for the past 5 years.

For Carrie Kimber swimming isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

"Two out of my four kids swim, they love it," Kimber said. "One of the things that my son said to me is, 'Mommy i can wait until I beat you.' It's just a lot of fun and a great way to compete and play together as a family."

While Kimber's kids practice she's right next to them in the other lane. She's part of Sheridan's Masters Swimming Program.

"Masters swimming is for anyone that's 19 and older, who doesn't go to college they're eligible to compete in masters swimming," Masters Program coach Michael Moffitt said. "It gives them a group to belong to. It get them exercising and if you like swimming this is a great way to do it as a group and socialize with other people."

"We have all ages and ability levels too," Kimber said. "There's people that have come out who could barely swim. Coach has really helped them to be more efficient and have an easy time swimming."

Kimber isn't one of those swimmers. She's training for the State Masters Swimming Competition (get an inside look to the Masters Swimming Program practice, here.)

"There's always that challenge of getting better or learning more about the sport," Kimber said. "Really, you can't get hurt so you can come out, challenge yourself and you can work harder and learn different things. It's always a sport you can keep growing."

Kimber and some of her team members will head to the State competition at the end of April.

You can learn more about the Masters Swimming Program, here.