Would Mother Nature approve of your house?

Gordon and Pam Rands are living a sustainable lifestyle. Between their floors, roof and counter tops this couple has an eco-friendly home.

Between the floors they walk on, the counter tops they eat off of and the Prius they drive, Gordon and Pam Rands try to live as eco-friendly as possible. (Click here, and get an inside look into the Rands' home.)

"We've just always tried to think outside of our own little world," Pam Rands said.

Gordon Rands has been involved with sustainability since high school.

"I went to the first Earth Day in 1970," he said.

Rands' passion for Mother Nature isn't just superficial. He and his wife have transformed their home over the years into an earth-friendly environment. It has "a geothermal heating system, solar panels on the roof, low-flush toilets, a prairie outside," he said.

If you want to make your home more sustainable but aren't quite ready for solar panels. "Start small but learn," Rands said. "Learn about environmental problems, learn about things you can do."

Start buying fluorescent light bulbs. When it's time to replace your old washer and dryer look for new machines that are safe for the environment.

Both changes will save money.

But that's not why the Rands do this.

"It's not the money that you spend, it's your lifestyle," Pam Rands said. "It's the way you look at things."

Pam Rands always has made sure to buy local, re-purposed clothes and to reuse things like plastic bags.

"You don't have to live like a hermit to have a sustainable lifestyle, just think about what you're doing," she said. "Everything you do makes an impact."

The Rands hope to make the smallest impact on the earth as possible.

"We've got kids and grandchildren," Gordon Rands said, "If we don't protect the environment then the pleasant climate, the bounteous resources that we're used to won't exist for my grandkids when they're adults and for their children."

"Think," Pam Rands said. "Think about your impact on the rest of the world."

Click here, and take a quiz to measure your impact on the earth's resources.