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      World Record Escape Artist calls Missouri home

      You might be surprised to learn Mid-Missouri is home to an escape artist known world-wide for his ability to break out of any restraint.

      You might be surprised to learn Mid-Missouri is home to an escape artist known world-wide for his ability to break out of any restraint.

      Mario Manzini lives in Columbia, but still travels the country performing great escapes for audiences of all ages.

      From handcuffs to straight jackets, it seems nothing can hold him. He started his career more than 40-years-ago, escaping from ropes, cuffs and other restraints. He later was buried alive and escaped from jails across the U.S., all for the thrill and entertainment of his audience.

      Click here to watch Mario Manzini escape from cuffs live on KHQA This Morning.

      What goes through your mind when you're doing an escape?

      "I think about what I'm going to eat when I finish," Manzini said with a laugh. "That's what I'm doing now. The escapes I don't have to think about what I'm doing. Whatever they put on me - I get out."

      Mario Manzini has traveled the world doing various escapes, he's most well known for his world record for the fastest escape from a straight jacket.

      It may surprise that this world record champion found his calling as an escape artist at just 4-years-old, when watching a Houdini documentary. Click here to watch him explain on KHQA This Morning.

      "It just impressed me. I knew that was what I wanted to do," Manzini said. "So I grabbed my father's shoelaces and had him tie me up."

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      Manzini offers a five thousand dollar reward to any police officer with a set of cuffs he can't escape. But he's never been beat. In fact, these restraints from around the world represent just a few of more than two thousand he's won from around the world during that challenge.

      Click here to watch Mario Manzini talk about his handcuff challenge.

      Click here to watch Manzini escape from German chains.

      He's escaped from straight jackets while being suspended over spikes, and slipped cuffs while free falling from a plane. With all these death defying stunts you've got to ask:

      Do you fear death?

      "I don't fear it at all," Manzini said. "I fear driving a car and the traffic. People try to kill you, between road rage and texting and driving. When I perform a feat, I'm in control. I know what I can do. On the road, you never know what some other driver may do to you."

      Manzini performs all over the country as well as right here in the Tri-States. Recently he performed at the Quincy Public Library.

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