Work on your swing at Upper Moorman Park

Besides working on your swing, you can rent bikes at the Batting Cages for $5 an hour.

Shane Hibbard has been working at the Quincy Park District's batting cages for almost a decade, but his favorite part of the facility has nothing to do with a bat.

"I love the mini golf course," he said.

The 18-hole course got new turf this year. (See Kristen and a Park District supervisor have a mini golf, face off, here.)

Baseball and golf aren't the only swings you can practice at Upper Moorman Park.

"Out here at the batting cage facility we have everything from disc golf, we have tennis courts, we have softball areas for adult and youth," Quincy Park District Supervisor, Jessica Marie Cate said. "We have something for everyone."

If sports aren't your thing, you can dive into something else.

"We got paddle boats, we rent bikes," Hibbard said.

On a busy weekend, Hibbard said up to 400 people come out to play.

"It's actually a pretty good thing," he said. "Everyone is hanging out together having a good time, it's just nice to see everyone out here all at once."

The variety and cleanliness of the facility keeps people coming back. "They just say 'it's kept up really nice,'" he said.

"This is a way to get outside and feel like you're in nature, in town and so we really like that," Cate said.

So does Hibbard.

"I definitely feel pride," he said. "It makes you feel proud to know you're one of the ones that makes it that nice."

The Upper Moorman Park Batting Cage facility is open seven days a week through October 1st.

You can learn the prices to miniature golf, bike rental and paddle boating by clicking, here.