Winterize to save on energy bills

Melissa Shriver learns to winterize windows

With old man winter breathing down our necks, now is the time to prepare your home for the colder months.

Your attached garage is a major source of heat loss. That's the word from Justin Houghton, General Manager of Menards in Quincy.

He says homeowners can reduce 71 percent of the heat loss through your garage if its properly insulated. Install jams along your garage door and at its base to prevent drafts when the door is closed. Click here to learn more about insulating your attached garage.

Click here to learn more about how to insulate the exterior of your windows.

If you feel drafting along your windows, try removing the window trim and insulate inside the open space between the window jam and the wall.

"You break the fiberglass insulation off into small pieces," said Houghton. "You might need a putty knife to tuck it in the gaps so you fill the actual void in the window. That will prevent the air flow coming in and will stop that draft. Then you apply the casing over it so you'll never see it."

Click here to watch a demonstration on KHQA This Morning.

Winterize your faucets and hydrants by detaching and draining your hoses. Then consider attaching foam faucet guards to prevent breaks. Click here to watch more from KHQA This Morning.