When life hands you lemons, celebrate

The classic lemonade recipe is just sugar water and lemon.

When you're looking to cool off it's a go-to drink.

We're not talking about soda or iced tea, it's Lemonade.

It's so popular that August 20th is dubbed National Lemonade Day.

You can celebrate with just a few ingredients.

"The classic lemonade is just sugar water and lemon," Kelley Basinge said.

Heat one cup of water and sugar on the stove until it's clear. Then mix it with the juice of six freshly squeezed lemons and a pitcher of water. Serve over ice and drink.

Basinger is the owner of 2thirty4 in Quincy. Her restaurant is known for serving unique drinks using homemade simple syrup. She says you can spice up your classic lemonades by adding fruit to the recipe.

"Berries work the best," she said. "So blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, just throw a hand full into your simple syrup and then strain it out."

Basinger says the best thing about making your own lemonade is knowing where the ingredients came from.

"We just like to make things from scratch because we like to know what's in it," she said. "There's no preservatives no weird chemicals just sugar and flavor."

Making lemonade at home can also save you a few bucks.

"It's less expensive," Basinger said. "A dozen lemons is $3 or $4 and a cup of sugar is barely anything. If you buy a gallon of lemonade it's going to be $5 or $6."

The next time life hands you lemons, celebrate and whip up your favorite lemonade recipe. Basinger's favorite?

"A raspberry shakeup, like at the fair," she said.

You can get more of Basinger's lemonade recipes by clicking, here.

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