What's special about QFD?

High angled rescue is part of the technical team's duties. It's often used in emergencies like a collapsed building or trench like scenarios.

Whether it's putting out fires or rescuing someone from water or heights, the Quincy Fire Department is expected to respond to any of your emergencies.

"The nature of the job is just to help people out," firefighter Michael Dade said

The department has three specialty teams trained for specific scenarios.

"The technical rescue team, they do rope or high angle rescue, building collapse, confined space and also trench like rescue," Assistant Fire Chief Tom Bentley said. "Then we also have the hazardous materials teams which responds to any type of chemical emergency and the water response team."

QFD is one of only a few fire departments in the state that have these specialty teams.

"For this area here, for technical rescue and water response you have to go about 100 miles to find another team in the state of Illinois," Bentley said.

It takes vigorous training to be on of the teams (see Kristen perfrom a mock technical rescue, here).

"We had to go to pretty much eight classes to be part of the rescue team," Dade said.

"These guys to get through this type of training they go through hundreds of hours," Bentley said. "If they are on all of the teams they would have well over 500 hours in training for all of this."

Firefighters say, it's worth it.

"It really is a privilege to be put in a position to where if people need you, we're able to respond," Dade said. "This just gives us more tools and more options to be able to help people out."