What's next for the new Weight Watchers chef?

Quincy native Ryan Hutmacher was the last one standing in The Chew's search for the next Weigh Watcher's Chef.

Out of thousands of applicants and six finalists, Quincy native Ryan Hutmacher was the last one standing in The Chew's search for the next Weigh Watcher's Chef.

"It's humbling," Ryan Hutmacher said. "At the end of the show they asked me, 'What does this mean to you?' Literally my life flashed before my eyes, the 10 ten years of really scraping and clawing and working hard to make a name for myself in the movement of health and now it's here."

Now the winner, Hutmacher took a look back at those moments when his name was announced.

"To feel a genuine sense of pride and a genuine sense of excitement," he said. "There were so many people watching and supporting me in Quincy alone, I mean they were calling it in for me. I thought out some Hail Marys and Quincy answered."

One of those came after the first round of the competition.

"I only won one by one point and I literally thought this was anyone's game," Hutmacher said. "I thought the cooking came secondary."

Hutmacher thinks his previous TV experiences on Chicago news stations is what really helped him win.

"That absolutely came into play," he said. "That choreography and being comfortable working with someone. There's no doubt that that's a skill set or even a talent that I've learned overtime."

It's a talent that he'll only expand now that he is the new chef for a weight loss empire, one that parallels his own cooking style.

"The idea that food can be healthy and delicious has really guided my food style for all of these years," he said. "I just feel like it was very natural for me to mesh with the Weight Watchers lifestyle."

And it's that message he'll continue to teach at his culinary studio in Chicago.

"That's really pushing people towards the idea of eating healthy is not about deprivation, it's about opportunity," he said. "That opportunity lies getting into the kitchen to prepare fresh food and to do it very conveniently."

Hutmacher says he'll always be thankful for the opportunity The Chew and Weight Watchers have given him.

"It was just really really cool," he said. "I felt like I brought it home not only for myself but for everyone that's been with me and pushing me as an entrepreneur for the last nine to 10 years. This is only another stepping stone of what I think is going to be a really exciting career I have a head of me."

Hutmacher said there are a few collaborations with Weight Watchers in the mix right now but he couldn't reveal any details on when they'll be released.

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