Whatever your stress, there's a 'tap' for that

Kay Phillips, a Certified Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique

People are "tapping" into their emotions to get rid of negative feelings. But whatever your stress, there's a "tap" for that.

That's the word from Kay Phillips, a Certified Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique.

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EFT or tapping is a simple concept. It takes no fancy equipment - just your hands to tap on certain pressure points around your body. As you talk about emotions related to a troubling experience, you tap through acupuncture points like this. In the end Phillips says your mind releases the negative emotion surrounding an issue, problem or memory.

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"EFT doesn't erase your memory of a situation," Phillips said. "It does seem to discharge it and neutralize it."

Phillips says it's a self-help technique people can use in all sorts of situations from post traumatic stress to phobias. Click here to learn more about how it is integrated into relieving emotional stress.

"It helps all sorts of things: sadness, loss, grief and cravings for weightloss," Phillips said.

During a stressful day you might find yourself scratching your head or rubbing the side of your head next to your eyes. Whether you know it or not you are tapping into some of those pressure points as part of the emotional freedom technique. Click here to learn more about how tapping may have been in play at the White House.

What do you say to skeptics?

"I have a lot of skeptics that come to class," Phillips said. "They get brought in by family members. EFT is not a belief system. It does not clash with any belief systems that you have. I suggest people try it and see what kind of feedback they get from their bodies."

Phillips says EFT does not take the place of therapy, but is just another tool in your kit to help you stay stress-free and happy.

Tapping or EFT will be featured during a new community education class at John Wood Community College. Click here to learn more about the class coming up October 16.