What to wear to a wedding

If you're going to a destination or outdoor wedding make sure to buy a dress made out of light fabric.

You can search through racks and racks of clothes to find the perfect wedding outfit or you can take a look in your closet and ... "Pull that little black dress you already own out." Vikki Kline said.

Vikki Kline knows her stuff when it comes to dresses. She and her family have owned a boutique for more than three decades.

"You can definitely now wear black," she said. "It use to be a sign or mourning but now it's our number one color for mothers and guests of the wedding."

Kline says a classic LBD (little black dress) is perfect because you can wear it ... "During the day to the wedding with some pearls or some tamer jewelry," she said. "Maybe kick it up a notch for the reception with a sequins scarf or a fun shrug and sparkling jewelry."

Destination weddings can be tricky when it comes to picking out the right outfit. Kline says keep it light.

"You have to remember that it's going to be warm," she said. "Wear something cool and something that looks appropriate and feels appropriate."

Be sure to wear the appropriate footwear.

"Select shoes that are the right kind of shoes for either grass or sand," Kline said. "think wedge or some people go barefoot."

There are some things you should never wear to a wedding.

"You need to know not to wear white or ivory to a wedding," Kline said. "That color we save for the bride."

Your hair style is just as important as your outfit.

"If you're hair's not looking good, you don't feel good and you're not going to have a good time," hair stylist Whitney Miller said.

Try a braid or classic up do with fun accessories. That will keep your hair out of your face as you dance the night away.

But Kline says the most important thing you need when sporting a wedding look is confidence.

Always ... "Pick something you feel good in and makes your personality pop out," she said.

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