Wedding details to make your guests go wow

The Scale House on Windsong Acres helps couples complete their country themed wedding.

There are very few times you can wear a formal gown in the middle of a farm field and the latest trend is doing it on your wedding day.

"It's antique, it's kind of different, it's kind of a vintage thing," former bride Jennifer Demoss Stephens said.

The latest craze in the "I Do'" industry is a country themed wedding. The choice of venue, a barn, a place Jennifer Demoss Stephens says was the perfect location for her big day.

"I was looking at ideas online and I saw a theme of a barn wedding and I just thought it was awesome," she said. "I didn't know anyone who had one and I just though this is what we're going to do."

Stephens had her wedding at a remodeled Scale House on Windsong Acres in Camp Point. The building is over a century old and was used to weigh wagons of grain.

"My son proposed her and when he did that they had their rehearsal dinner here," Scale House owner Jeff Rasche said. "After that some people said we should do this for other people. So we started."

Since then, owners of the Scale House Jeff and Shelly Rasche have hosted almost a dozen barn themed weddings.

'Right when we walked up we fell in love with it," Stephens said. "it's so beautiful out here."

Another craze in the wedding world right now is photo booths.

"It's just more personalized because you can have fun photo strips and a nice message and then we put it in a really nice scrapbook for the," Kinard Photography owner Preston Kinard said.

"It takes you back to the fun memories and the silly faces," Stephens said. "They write a little in there to you and its really nice."

If you're more of a classic bride the horse and carriage is making a come back. It will put the finishing touches on your princess wedding. (You can check out the carriage, here.)

"The coy pond is so beautiful and the flowers around it make for beautiful pictures," Stephens said. "The lights in here are so romantic."

But before you splurge on these wedding extras, there's one thing couples should keep in mind.

"You need to get an idea of how much you want to spend, like a budget," Stephens said. "Work around that and try to stay as close to that budget as you can."

Because who needs expensive details when you've got the most precious accessory on your arm, your partner.

For more information on the horse and carriage call Hendricks Carriage Service at 217-430-5582.