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      Trick or Cheap: How to have a budget Halloween

      When looking for the right last-minute look this Halloween, the first place to check is your own closet.

      That's the word from Chris Taylor, Creativity Director for ReConsumed4U in Quincy.

      "Something useful may be in an out-of-season storage container or worn out," Taylor said. "Then look through old Halloween costumes to see what things you can pull from to save money and make into something new."

      If you're still struggling to find a last minute costume for Halloween, check out your local thrift store.

      Scott Andrews is the Manager at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Quincy. He says the Halloween rush on costumes there begins in early October. Most of his customers see thrift shops as a place to find off the wall accessories and costume pieces without breaking the bank.

      "As it gets closer to Halloween, people get desperate and they start looking at plaids, polyesters and things like that," Andrews said. "I think the way the economy is they're looking to stretch their dollar a bit farther."

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      "You can find the basic piece you might need whether it's a t-shirt or pair of jeans you don't mind bloodying up or tearing up or paint," Taylor said. "It's really about being creative." Click here for some ideas from KHQA This Morning.

      If you can't come up with an idea, experts suggest picking from pop culture and current events. A Kate Middleton costume, complete with a Princely baby doll or Duck Dynasty characters are easy to pull off and popular right now. Click here to see those costumes on KHQA This Morning.

      So from the ready-made costumes, to original ideas - Halloween fun doesn't have to break the bank.

      All proceeds from the Salvation Army Thrift Store go to the organization's homeless shelter.

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