Travel to India without jumping on a plane

Prahba Patel is originally from India. She has been cooking since age 16 and now she's teaches an authentic Indian cooking class at John Wood Community College.

Prahba Patel has been perfecting her traditional Indian recipes since she started cooking at age 16.

"I was starting in a girls high school and they were offering a cooking class," Patel said. "So I took that cooking class until I finished high school. During that period of time I learned a lot."

She wants to teach people how to cook the way she learned, through a class. She teaches authentic Indian cooking at John Wood Community College (get an inside look to her cooking class, here ).

"They come to many classes and then they go home and try to make it a different way or their way or my way," Patel said. "We make many mistakes but then you learn from them."

Standing over a stove and filling her kitchen with the smell of Indian spices is more than just cooking for Patel. It reminds her of home.

"That makes you feel like you are in India, on the street eating food," Patel said.

Still, her favorite part of cooking?

"Tasting probably," Patel said.

Patel is holding a class at John Wood on Saturday, click here for more information.

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