The Quincy Art Center keeps art local

Wynne Wilbur created this piece while she was on sabbatical in China. She is on of the local artists featured this month at the Quincy Art Center.

It wasn't always about crystals and pliers for Amy Greenbank.

"I was a school teacher for a while and there were big layoffs and I got laid off and I thought, I need to try something different," she said.

Now Greenbank is using her teaching skills for a different kind of classroom.

"I decided, I'm going to do what I love," Greenbank said. "I started crafting things and it turned into jewelry and painting and now I teach jewelry classes."

Greenbank holds classes at the Quincy Art Center. Her collection along with other local artists' work will be featured there this month. (Get an inside look to the featured artists by clicking, here.)

"It gives local artists an opportunity to show their artwork as well as sell it," Quincy Art Center Education Director Jen Teter said. "It's just really full filling to see what kind of excitement we can put into people when they come into our doors and we're able to share it in a venue that available to everybody."

"It always makes me feel good," Greenbank said. "I sell at the Farmer's Market in the summer, too, and it always makes me feel good when people buy my work. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing a good job at it."

Greenbank says the real reward is being able to create the art she loves.

"If you just go to work and go home and don't have anything like that for yourself, there's not as much to life," she said.