Take a 'Quick Course' in fast food

The Quick Course is a new food truck by The Maine Course restaurant in Quincy.

It's the latest fast food craze to hit Quincy but it has nothing to do with a drive-through.

"People are on a time crunch sometimes 30 or 40 minutes sometimes," Kevin Minnick said. "They come to us at an easy location to get them a quick lunch instead of waiting in long lines."

As The Maine Course owner and executive chef Minnick has added a new extension to his restaurant, a food truck called the Quick Course.

"I've had an interest in food trucks for many many years and one came about and we made it happen," he said. "It allows us to experiment with different foods that we don't necessarily do in the restaurant. There's different flavors, different textures."

These quick bites aren't something you can get off a dollar menu. The Quick Course is serving up everything from fish tacos to local braised beef burgers.

"We keep it like we do at the restaurant, we like to introduce flavors textures without going to far," Minnick said.

These unique flavors might not be the only thing bringing in a crowd. The Quick Course is only one of two mobile vendors in Quincy.

This truck used to be a FedEx vehicle.

"We just kind of transformed a little bit," Minnick said. "We put two removable cooking devices, induction burners in here, two coolers, a warmer and that's it."

Minnick says starting up this food truck is a great way to bring a taste of the big city right here to the Tri-States.

"As Quincy continues to grow we're gong to continue to see more of that influence," he noted.

"We're getting a lot of people that have lived outside of the area wondering why there isn't more food trucks like this around and they're really glad to see us out doing this," Quick Course employee AJ Weber said.

But the real reason Minnick started up the Quick Course is to show people ... "How easy it really is and how good food can be simple and easy," he said.

And when in a time crunch, fast.

Get an inside look into the Quick Course by clicking, here.

The food truck can be seen at The Potted Fern in Quincy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and at Knapheide on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Learn more about its hours by clicking, here.