Stay school savvy with summer reading

The Quincy Public Library's summer reading program also includes craft time.

Elle Schnell looks at summer reading as more of a pastime then a requirement.

"I love all the books because I have this six hour drive to Minnesota because my dad lives there and I always have to have books in the car," she said. "It's really fun for me because I can escape into a world that's unknown."

What ten-year-old Schnell doesn't know is when she's reading for fun, she's actually getting ready for the school year.

"It keeps their reading skills up so that when they go back to school for fall their more prepared to get back into the classroom and start working right away," Quincy Public Library Marketing Director, Ruth Cuthbertson said.

That's what the Quincy Public Library's summer reading program for kids, hopes to accomplish.

"There have been studies that have been done that show, children who participate in summer reading programs do better in school all through out their school career," Cuthbertson said.

The program is more than just a page turner. The library tries to keep it interactive with craft projects. (You can check out some of the craft projects, here.)

"I think it's fun to do because it's kind of incorporating the book with what your crafting," summer reader Chloe Inman said.

"It's a way to get people that don't come to the library back into the library and rediscover what there is to love about the library," Children's Coordinator Natasha Will said. "It kind of rekindles that love for reading."

"It's good for you to read," six-year-old Aurora Allison said ... advice, Schnell wants to pass along to her peers.

"I would definitely encourage kids to come here because its really fun," she said.

The library also has summer reading programs for teens and adults.

You can learn how to register by clicking, here.