Show your car some love this April

Dan Pflibsen owner of Dan's Auto Care says the first sign that your car needs maintenance is the check engine light.

Dan Pflibsen has been in the auto care business for more than 25 years. He said April is one of the most important months for your car.

"We're coming out of winter, we need to get our cars ready for the driving months, vacation," he said. "We've neglected our car during the winter month so we really want to get it prepared. We're going to see water pump failures, belts, hoses and some tire issues."

The first sign that your car needs maintenance is the check engine light. (Click here, to get more of Dan's car maintenance tips.)

"Don't be fearful of that check engine light," he said. "Have the technician do the diagnostics and check it over."

Most of the time that test will show you an easily fixed problem like a broken gas cap. That only costs $10 to repair. It's when you ignore your car problems that it can get expensive.

"If you let things go too long, and we've all experienced that, that paying gets harder because it's going to be more costly as we let things go," he said. "The easiest and the first most, is an oil change. At that time the service facility can go ahead and check your tires and look that vehicle over."

The technician may find something that could save your life. In a recent routine care inspection, Pflibsen and his crew found a corroded break pad.

"Your breaking ability is less than it's use to be," he said. "So you're not going to be able to stop when you want and you're not going to be as safe as you should be."

The National Car Care Council reports that 77 percent of the vehicles inspected in April need some type of service parts. Pflibsen says your car doesn't have to be a statistic as long as you get it serviced when you hear or see a problem.

You can get a list of 10 basic maintenance procedures here.