Secondhand bookstore scores high with readers

Secondhand Prose Bookstore at the Quincy Public Library reuses and recycles donated books.

When you walk past it, the room may look like an extended section of the Quincy Public Library. But if you stop and take a second look you'll realize something different.

Jan Little spends time each week volunteering at the Secondhand Prose Bookstore. She's a member of the Friends of the Library. The group that maintains the used book store.

"No matter what kind of reading they wanted to do, we have any type of genre they could mention," Little said.

The store was created back in 2011 when the library was restructured.

"Prior to that time we always had book sales a couple times a year and we would store the books in between," Little said. "But now we actually have a place where we can keep them and sell them everyday."

The store runs strictly on donations. Once an item is collected, it's cleaned, repaired and recycled by going back up for sale.

"Every book, cassette, CD, everything even magazines were donated by a person," Pat Reyburn, a member of Friends of the Library said.

Now when you hear the words recycled and books you may think old school novel but this bookstore may surprise you.

"These are very current books," Pat Reyburn said. "In fact, one of the books I had to be on the waiting list for at the library took two months and yet we had our own copy of it."

All the proceeds from the bookstore's sales goes towards the library. More than $16,000 has been donated in the last four years.

"The things the library needs is sometimes expensive and may not fall into the budget so the whole idea behind this is to recycle books, get them into people's hands so they can read, raise some funds and use them for the library and in the community," Phil Reyburn a volunteer said.

Little says anyone that stops in the store can see the benefits first hand.

"This is the perfect place for me," she said. "Surrounded by thousands of books and people that talk about books and people that know about books. I mean that has to be heaven for a reader really."

You can take a tour of the Secondhand Prose Bookstore by clicking, here.