Save your state from becoming a landfill

Recycling everyday items can keep your state from becoming a landfill.

Mandi Green is living up to her last name. She's the Western Illinois University safety and sustainability coordinator.

"We have a new policy on campus where all of our new construction and our major renovations will be LEED certified," she said.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It's the stamp of approval for being a certified green building.

Green is also using simpler ways to make the campus eco-friendly.

"We really get people hooked on sustainability by introducing them to recycling because it's so very easy," she said. "There is a recycle bin around every corner. We really use recycling as the gateway drug to sustainability."

WIU has more than 500 recycle bins on its campus.

You don't have to be a university to make an impact on the environment. Green says start small at home and get your own bin.

'You can put paper in those bins, you can put plastics 1 and 2 in those bins, aluminum, tin, so your vegetable cans and your soup cans," she said.

While a lot of your products can be recycled there are some things that can't go into your bin.

"Actually batteries can not be put into your recycle bin and they can not be put in your waste stream, it's against the law," Green says.

The same goes for all electronics and paint. What can you do with these products? Visit your local recycling center. They usually have specialty bins for those items.

Green has implemented these easy recycling options on campus and at her home. She says it's her way of looking out for her state.

"We don't want Illinois to become one big landfill so let's try to work together to try and keep things that don't have to go into a landfill out of a landfill," she said.

You can do this for your state too, just remember ...

"... Recycle, recycle, recycle," Green said.

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