Ranchland couple take lights to the next level

Keith Urbon is a self-taught computer programmer.

When the sun goes down, the Urbon home at 2304 Ranchland Drive comes alive.

The Christmas lighting display is set to the beat of the music ... and in this case, tells the story of the song through graphics.

Keith and Michele Urbon started decorating their home many years ago. Click here to meet the Urbons on KHQA This Morning. As the display grew, so did their need for power. After upgrading their electrical system, it expanded again, this time with music.

The Urbons call their display the MooCows' Udderly Amazing CHRISTmas Lights. The Udderly Amazing Lights start at 4:15 p.m. each day and run through 9:20 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays the lights last until around 10 p.m. Click here to view the display's website. Click here to see how it all began.

What's behind this passion of yours?

"It's cool! It's also a way to give back," Urbon said. "There are so many people who like Christmas lights. It's a way to get the Christmas message out and we're able to do it. People seem to really enjoy it."

To get an idea of just how massive this display is, more than 40 thousand led lights go into the display. That includes about two miles of extension cords. If that wasn't enough, it takes about 100 man hours to set the entire display up. Click here to see just how massive this display is.

Urbon is a self-taught computer programmer. He works on his hobby light show year-round now ... with each song taking 30 hours to program for the lights. Click here to find out why this display is an all-year hobby.

"Each one has its own assigned channel on the computer which runs through a small microprocessor that translates it from the light bulbs to the computer," Urbon said. "Once it is on the computer, I can tell each light bulb how much red, green, or blue I want. and each light bulb is programmable individually."

Drivers just have to tune into Keith's low-power radio station and voila -- a car-stopping light show.

"People ask all the time what my husband is planning for the next year," Michele Urbon said. "People say all the time how they enjoy the lights."

Perhaps the only critics are the local squirrels who enjoy snacking on the power cords. Click here to hear about those furry critters.

But squirrels aside, the Urbons say they're nuts over showing you the sparkling fruits of their labor, and they hope you enjoy it from the comfort of your car.

In case you were wondering, the display got the name MooCows' Udderly Amazing CHRISTmas Lights because of Michele's love of collecting cow figurines.

Click here to view their Facebook page.

For those of you wanting to check it out, the Urbon home is west of 24th Street in Quincy between State and Harrison.