Quincy business brings new life to furniture and more

District Designs Boutique is located at 509 Maine Street in Quincy.

One Quincy business thrives on "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

District Designs Boutique is located at 509 Maine Street in Quincy.

It's the ultimate repurposing business in downtown Quincy. District Designs staff and co-op members give new life to old furniture and accessories.

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While you may expect to see new items at stores like this, District Designs prides itself on the old. A co-op of several local pickers and restoration experts formed the co-op here several years ago to locate unusual pieces and repurpose them for a new lifetime of use. Meet some of the co-op members

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"We mix new and old," Co-op member Suzy Schwartz said. "Things that have been handed down to you. How to incorporate that into other things that you may have."

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Owner Kris Kutcher says it's the ultimate green initiative.

"It's just really important that we take care of our environment," Kutcher said. "That we recycle and reuse things in our environment now, that we don't need to be manufacturing again."

For experts at District Designs in Quincy, re-purposing and refurbishing is the name of the game. They say if you're looking for inspiration, its as close as your garage.

What can you find in your garage?

"The garage, the basement. Really anything there. If you have an old broken chair it can go in the backyard with a plant on it. Think outside of the box." co-op member Barb McClain said.

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And if you do find that quality item around your home, refurbishers like Chris Taylor say its important to preserve it right.

Taylor said, "With some pieces that have great character like antiques, you don't want to completely refinish because you lose some of what makes it special and you don't want that. So using a great furniture wax or paste is something that you can rub in and go back and buff to give it that little bit of luster."

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It all goes to show one man's trash is another man's treasure. So think again before you throw it to the curb.

District Designs will be open late Thursday, Dec. 12 with many other downtown Quincy businesses for "

Late Night in the District

." The event is sponsored by the Historic Quincy Business District. Stores will be open until 8 p.m., serving wine with sweet treats for shoppers.

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