QFD ready to rescue plane crash victims

The Quincy Fire Department has a special truck for aircraft rescues. The truck is able to move and shoot water out at the same time. Regular fire trucks need to be stationary in order to utilize water.

Quincy firefighters don't perform many aircraft rescues, but if any accident does happen, they're ready.

"Just because it doesn't happen around here a lot, it can happen," Quincy Fire Department's Public Education team member Jerry Mast said. "We never know what we're going to get when we come to work in the morning. In order for us to be prepared for any type of call that comes in we have to train on every aspect and we have to be proficient in it because we never know."

Firefighters undergo 40 hours of special training to be certified in aircraft rescue. They also have monthly training to stay within FAA regulations.

"We actually do training on different types of aircrafts that come into Baldwin Field," Mast said. "All those aircrafts, we have to understand how to shut those down, how to get inside of them, how to turn the fuel off."

Much of this required training came after a plane crash in the 90s.

"We had two aircrafts that collided on Baldwin Field resulting in some deaths," Mast said. "Since then a lot of new laws and rules for aircraft firefighting have been implemented due to that crash, throughout the nation."

Passing the aircraft rescue certification keeps these firefighters, these community members feeling safe.

"It could be a family member it could be a close friend that's on the plane taking off or coming into Quincy and there might be an aircraft emergency," Smith said. "It's good to know everyone can do this job."

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