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      Paloma Diner expands into neighboring bank

      Diner owner Amy Sprenger bought the abandoned building and began renovations

      A Tri-State business has given new life to a shuttered facility.

      A month ago Friday the Paloma Diner opened in its new digs - a renovated bank building in Paloma.

      The process began just a year ago when the old Paloma Bank closed and was put up for sale.

      Diner owner Amy Sprenger bought the abandoned building and began renovations. Click here to hear Sprenger talk about the renovations on KHQA This Morning.

      Roughly a year later, the new diner is filled with the same longtime customers.

      "A lot of them can't believe what it was and what we turned it into so we're happy with the finished product," Sprenger said.

      Sprenger says demolishing the bank's old vault and safety deposit boxes to make way for a private dining area proved to be a challenge during the renovations.

      The current diner kitchen was constructed inside the bank's old conference room. Sprenger says that meant a lot of work had to be done to upgrade the plumbing and electrical systems inside the structure.

      Click here to watch the Paloma Diner make its famous pancakes.

      KHQA This Morning also featured the diner's own horseshoe recipe. Watch it here.