Packed pools stay safe with Hannibal lifeguards

Nine lifeguards are on duty at all times at the Hannibal Aquatics Center. These guards have daily training sessions to ensure their skills are up to par to keep you safe.

This is what Hannibal's Aquatics Center looked like after a storm tore through America's Home Town in May.

A big difference from how it looks now. To make sure the facility stays clean, lifeguards perform maintenance every morning before their shift. The lifeguards also are required to undergo daily training sessions. Assistant Pool Manager Grant Taylor leads the sessions. (Check out some of the training, here.)

"You can never go wrong with getting extra training in," he said. "It's just that more on top of your game you'll be."

Jacob Crenshaw is a first year lifeguard and he's already seen the importance of having his skills up to par. He's saved two children from drowning since the pool opened.

"It felt really good knowing that they're okay and they're up playing around again," Crenshaw said. "You realize that, that life is in your hand and you have to go in there and save them."

He wears two red bracelets on his arm to represent his saves.

"It shows me how important my job is and how I need to take it seriously," Crenshaw said.

"I have complete trust in these guys," Pool Manager Ronny Ferrel said. "They train hard and it makes my job a lot easier."

Nine lifeguards are on duty at all times at the Center but Taylor says safety begins with you.

"The ideal thing for them is to watch their children," he said. "That's the number one leading cause of all drowning incidents. "So if they watch their children and keep an eye on them, they're going to be safe and they're going to have fun up here."

But the Aquatic Center lifeguards are always on their toes.

"Anything can happen," Taylor said.