Opposites attract even in business

But what do pools and bow and arrows have in common?

The thrill of skydiving is what sparked the friendship between Charles Whitcomb and Robert Roman.

Now they're trying out a new adventure together, they've merged businesses.

Whitcomb and Roman recently opened Roman Pools and Quincy Bow Pro. (You can get a tour of the facility by clicking, here.)

"The more we talked the more it made sense to join the archery side of things with the pool side because of the over lapping season," Roman said.

"In order to compliment the summer activities of swimming pool building and swimming pool says we need a fall and winter activity and archery is such," Whitcomb said.

Roman has been in the pool business for seven years but never opened a retail store. "It was me trying to figure out what other product I could sell the other six months of the year," he said.

When Whitcomb decided to open his own archery facility both men saw an opportunity to open a business that could make money longer than a few months a year.

"Our Techno Hunt Range extends that right through the year," Whitcomb said. "People come in here in the hot days of summer get in the air conditioning and shoot on a live action range."

But what do pools and bow and arrows have in common?

"It's all about fun time, leisure time and it just works for us," Roman said.

A combination that's right on target.

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