One senior's secret to staying young

Marilyn Guedesse is a Hickory Grove Apartment residents. She says the secret to staying young is to keep busy. She's part of the facility's spelling bee and Wii bowling teams.

Marilyn Guedesse has lived at the Hickory Grove Apartments since 2009. Every morning she gets up around 10, walks to the common kitchen and has breakfast. Her mornings may be routine, but her days are always different.

"We do a lot of crafts and, of course, this is fun, this Wii Bowling," Guedesse said.

Guedesse is part of the facility's winning spelling bee team and its Wii Bowling team. She crafts and volunteers during her free time. She says staying busy is her secret to ...

"... Just keep going," Guedesse said. "To feel younger, to feel better."

"We encourage getting out and getting active inside," Hickory Grove Manager Leia Morrison said. "It helps keep their brain sharp, their bodies physical, it's just a better quality of life. It makes them feel good. They have a purpose that way and we all want that."

"If you don't you're just going to shrivel up and die!" Guedesse said.

Hickory Grove Apartments offers 24 hour assistance to its almost 25 residents.

"We can't ever say, 'it'll be just like home', but it's probably as close as they're going to get," Morrison said. "We encourage people to do things on their own time but you have us as extra support and safety."

Just the right amount of assistance Guedesse says she needs.

"Well, if you have to be some place, this is a good place to be," Guedesse said.

Hickory Grove will celebrate Supportive Living Facility Week later this month.

During that week, residents will compete in Wii bowling contests.

Finalists go to state competition. See some of the residents play, here.