Not so Fine Art twisted into New Dimensions

The New Dimensions art exhibit features unique mediums like styrofoam heads, Legos even instruments.

You won't find your average watercolor painting at Quincy's latest art exhibit.

"It's different in the fact that there's nothing else like it in Quincy," Quincy Not So Fine Art Society Co-founder Phillip Quevillon said. "That's what we look to find is the unique and original and this is definitely up that alley. This one specifically, there's a lot of pop, 3D and abstract art."

The Quincy Not So Fine Art Society teamed up with Granite Bank Gallery to put on its second annual art exhibit.

"They're one of the few venues that takes a chance on young artists and new artists," he said.

The show called "New Dimensions" features seven Not So Fine Art artists.

"We try to draw in our members that have an artistic touch," Quevillon said.

Quevillon says no two pieces are alike. You can find the most unique mediums being used like styrofoam heads, Legos even instruments.

"We're a little bit more off the beaten path," artist and musician Keith Franx said. "This is the kind of thing we're into. Not so much ducks and landscapes."

"These artist worry about the rules a little less, maybe," Quincy artist Jeffery Bruce said. "There isn't that gallery stuffiness that at some places you get. Everyone is having more fun."

"There's a lot of diversity going on and a lot of fun things happening," local artist Angelo Joseph said. "There's a lot of people creating stuff."

Quevillon says putting that twist on traditional art is what the Society is suppose to do.

"Anything that we can do to make entertainment a little bit closer to Chicago and New York," he said.

The "New Dimensions" exhibit will run at the Granite Bank Gallery until August 13th.

You can check out theu unique art by clicking, here.