Local woman bakes up success in small business

Corrine Freier started taking orders and baking sweet treats like pies and cupcakes.

A Quincy woman is taking her talent in the kitchen to the next level.

Corrine Freier has always loved to bake. So after homeschooling her three children for 21 years, Freier didn't have to look past her oven to find her niche. Click here to hear the story of how Freier came to begin her business from KHQA This Morning.

"I just thought maybe I have something here that I can share with the rest of the town and see what I can do," Freier said.

She started taking orders and baking sweet treats like pies and cupcakes. Corrine's Confection Perfection was born, with orders spurred on by word of mouth. But like many start-ups, the internet and social media like Facebook are playing a big part in her business' success.

Click here to view the business' Facebook page.

"I was like, 'Whoa the word is getting out," Freier said. "That's when I knew I was coming into having a good business and being known in the community."

Now she wholesales her fresh pies and breads to Butcher Block in Quincy. Click here to watch Freier complete a cherry pie.

She prides herself on her made-from-scratch recipes. Click here to find out the secret to keeping the pie crust from sticking to the side of the pie pan.

Click here to view Corrine's website.

From cookies to pies, Corrine says this is her number one tip for success.

"Use unsalted butter in everything," Freier said. "If it calls for butter, don't use margarine. Use unsalted butter because of the richness and you control the salt that goes in. That's one thing I've learned over the years."

Click here to watch Freier make her special pie crust dough.

Freier also makes her pie fillings from scratch. Click here to watch her make her special cherry pie filling. Hear from Freier on how her business got it's start by clicking here.