Local library programs increase literacy

The Quincy Public Library gives almost $1 million to the Quincy Community. It's through classes, materials and services. That includes programs to increase literacy.

Do you know who Heather Kath is? Your child might.

"Most schools, I do see twice a month," she said.

Heather Kath is in charge of the Quincy Public Library's Special Book Delivery Program.

"They get so excited," she said. "They call me the library lady and if I don't bring them books they get upset."

The program provides library materials to classrooms in every parochial, elementary and preschool in Quincy.

"Their brains are little sponges and the sooner you can introduce books, literature and words on a page to a child, the sooner they begin to read and they have head starts when they get to school or before they've gotten to school," she said.

This is one of many programs the Library offers the community in hopes of increasing literacy.

"There are a lot of preschool children that are not ready for school when they go to school or kindergarten and we're working very hard to improve that preschool readiness," Quincy Public Library Executive Director Nancy Dolan said.

Even library craft programs are geared toward increasing kids' interest in reading.

"This month we're doing a Cinco De Mayo party," Children's Program Director, Nancy Dolan said. "We're kind of combining other cultures with the literature from the Skippy Jon Jones books."

Combining reading with other activities can show kids that ...

"Reading is fun it's not just for school, it's not just to get information," Mayo said. "It's a past time."

Kath hopes her monthly school visits make students think that same way.

"What we're really hoping for is that they can't differentiate between learning and fun," she said. "It's all fun."

The Quincy Public Library is holding the Cinco de Mayo party this Sunday. You can get a sneak peak at what crafts will be at the party by clicking, here.