Living off the land

Terripin Farms is 21 acres and grows more than 50 different kinds of vegetables. Most of it is organic.

Food has always been Bradley Whiston's passion. He used to be a cook. Now, at his current job he's even more hands on with what you're eating.

"Our farm is a sustainable vegetable farm," Whiston said.

Whiston and his wife own Terripin Farms in Fowler, Ill.

"This farm pretty much pays our bills and feeds our families," he said.

The 21 acre farm grows more than 50 different kinds of vegetables. Most of it is organic. (You can learn more about the farm by clicking, here.)

"You know where everything comes from, so you know what's been done with what you're actually eating," he said.

Terripin Farms is part of a Community Supported Agriculture program. That means people pay for their produce upfront. Whiston and his business partners then supply them with a basket of vegetables weekly, for the entire season.

"Especially with the economy right now, it does help with your food cost and you're getting a better quality food," Whiston's business partner Josh Huffman said.

You don't have to find a CSA farmer to get that same benefit. You can plant your own garden. (Get gardening tips from Whiston, here.)

"It doesn't take much area up," Whiston said. "I'm guessing a 30x30 foot square would feed your whole family through the summer and most of the winter."

Living off the land can give you a sense of comfort about knowing where your food is coming from but it can also offer you a sense of pride.

"When you see that ceiling start popping up, it's your baby," Terripin Farms Farmer Jeremy Jones said. "The feeling is incomparable."

Whiston has that same feeling every time he looks out at his farm.

"It's just a good feeling to be able to do this and survive on your own," he said.