Leave your shadow behind with CrossFit

Sam Karroll is an athlete. He's been playing sports his whole life. His love for team is what got him involved with CrossFit.

"When I was in sports, I loved being around a "band of brothers" and being around a bunch of people with the same goals makes me happy and happy to train other people," Karroll said.

Karroll recently opened Shadow CrossFit in Quincy.

"When you go to a regular gym you might just go in and workout," Sam Karroll said. "Here our goal is to apply things to your daily lifestyle and make it fun and community oriented."

CrossFit is a workout with constantly varied movements at high intensity.

"Basically what we want to do is change it up every single day," Karroll said. "We're almost never going to do the same thing everyday. We're also going to want to do movements that are applicable to what you're doing everyday."

"When I first started CrossFit I thought I was in shape and after two days of it you really hit the wall and see the realization of how out of shape you really are," Shadow CrossFit Coach Jake Obert said.

That's because these workouts are so intense you need to sign a waiver before taking part in them. But don't let that scare you.

"CrossFit is really infinitely scalable," Karroll said. "When you come in it might look intimidating but a lot of people, once they're done getting through their workout and they realize that they have that community support group they're alright."

"It's another avenue of fitness," Obert said. "It really helps you push yourself and push everyone else in the workout."

Karroll says that's the core of CrossFit.

"We have a lot of people out here and they're kind of use to going to the gym alone," Karroll said. "When they come out here they kind of get a support group, a home away from home."

You can get an inside look to Shadow CrossFit by clicking, here.