Keokuk wrestling camp keeping kids up to par with the sport

The wrestling camp at Mixed Martial Arts University teaches kids the basics of wrestling but also new strategies used in the sport.

Wrestling is a sport that CJ Warlath was born into. His dad loved it and now he loves it.

"My dad liked it and it's fun," he said.

Warlath also loves to win. To better his chances at making that happen during his season, he signed up for wrestling camp at the Mixed Martial Arts University in Keokuk.

"It's helped me use my head, and down block re-shots and sprawling," Warlath said.

The camp is being run by Keokuk athlete Julian Feikert. Feikert is also a current college wrestler at Oklahoma State University.

"You have to be a student of wrestling," he said. "It's a constantly changing and evolving sport. If you're not paying attention to some of the highest level wrestlers in the world than you're going to get behind very quickly."

The camp teaches kids the basics of wrestling but also new strategies that Feikert has learned at school. (Check out some camp drills here.)

"A lot of these kids don't learn this at an early age and they fall way behind in the game when it comes to a higher level, like high school and college wrestling," Feikert said.

"It gives them a chance to work with someone that I think can really help them with their sport," Mixed Martial Arts University owner Chris Klusak said. "How often do you see guys that go and start for a Division 1 school and play at the top level of their sport."

Feikert hopes his camp encourages kids to continue to learn more about his sport.

"It feels like I accomplished something and maybe improved a kids wrestling and that always means a lot and maybe it'll help build their confidence to so they'll take wrestling to the next level," Feikert said.

That next level for Warlath is to be a winning wrestler, just like his coach.

"He was a college wrestler and I want to be a college wrestler, too," Warlath said.

The second session of the wrestling camp kick off Thursday. You can learn more about registration, here.