It's Earth Day so stop and smell the flowers ... or plant some

If your a beginner gardner, Sill says to start off with herbs then move on to flowers. Next thing you know, you'll be planting a tree.

Nicole Sill was raised to love the earth.

"I just love the outdoors," Sill said. "Just being able to invite Mother Nature into the yard, the birds, the humming birds, the bees."

She's been planting since she was young. It was no surprise that when she went to school, she wanted to study something she loved.

"I studied horticulture and got my associate degree," she said.

Now she continues to work in a field dedicated to Earth. She runs the garden center at Frese Ornamental Nursery.

You might not have thumbs as green as Sill, but you can get there. She says beginners should take it slow. (See easy planting tips, here.)

"Start small, don't overwhelm yourself with anything big," Sill said. "Whether it be just a container garden or just a small part in your yard. Just always start small and take baby steps.

"It's a great starting point to say 'how can I give back to the environment,'" Frese Ornamental Nursery owner Ted Genenbacher said.

Sill says start off with herbs. Once you've mastered those, then move onto flowers.

The next thing you know, you'll be planting a tree.

"It just gives back to the earth," Sill said. "You're providing the shade, it invites kids outside, it also helps reduce energy loss and invites nature itself the squirrels, the birds into the yard."

Something Mother Nature loves to see.

You can get more planting tips at the Frese Ornamental Nursery's open house.

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