Introduce DIY spring projects to your home

Giving your space a new look doesn't have to be complicated.

Spring is in the air.

In an age where you can buy practically anything on the internet, it's nice to sometimes take a step back, and create something.

That's the goal at District Designs; introducing do it yourself projects.

Giving your space a new look doesn't have to be complicated.

It could be as easy as mixing new plate ware for table arrangements , says co-op member Barb McClain.

"It doesn't hurt to go your closet and get out grandma ' s plates that maybe you didn't like before, or maybe you didn't want to use because you're afraid something will happen to them ," said McClain. " Well, they don't do any good in the china closet."

Co-op member Chris Taylor thinks it's important to bring spring elements into the home.

"If we stay dark and kind of dreary from Winter, and everything's really gray and kind of bland, you just don't get the same excitement when you're indoors, as you do as soon as you get your sunlight when you're outside ," said Taylor.

Simple touches like adding wire baskets to your decor can make a big impact.

The next time you think to yourself that you lack creative ability, just remember this advice.

"Talk to the people at your local craft store, if you're still unsure ," Taylor said. " Or Pinterest can be a great resource. You're always welcome to come in and talk or give us a call, and we're happy to help you, share the information that we know about whatever project you might be working on."

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