Hypnosis: 'Going under' to come out on top

Keokuk native Jacky Patrick Malloy has been studying hypnosis for more than 20 years.

It's not a traditional treatment, but more and more people are turning to hypnosis for help with their every day issues, like weightloss, fear and memory enhancement.

Keokuk native

Jacky Patrick Malloy has

been studying hypnosis for more than 20 years. Now he works as a clinical hypnotherapist for children and adults at 811 Main Street in Keokuk.

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He says most people seek help from hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight. But "going under" as its called, can also relieve stress, enhance athletic abilities or help with childhood bed wetting. He says hunters and marksmen find hypnotherapy amplifies their focus in the deer stand.

When someone goes "under hypnosis," the subconscious is heightened while the conscious mind is relaxed. That allows hypnotherapists like Malloy to give positive suggestions.

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"Then I'm speaking directly to the subconscious," Malloy said. "You have what's called the critical mind that runs between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. I'm basically going into the critical mind and changing positives to negatives and negatives to positives."

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People who go under hypnosis say it's like taking a nap. But when you come out, you remember and take those hypnotic suggestions to heart -- a great thing for issues like weightloss.

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"It's effortless weightloss, simply because they are making better choices and better decisions," Malloy said. "I implant that thought into their subconscious mind and when they're hungry they say I'll have this."

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What do you say to skeptics?

"Really hypnosis has been full of skepticism from the very beginning," Malloy said. "All I can say is I have a lot of very satisfied clients who say that it works."

"Solutions" Hypnosis Motivation Inc. is located at 811 Main Street, in Keokuk

Below is a list of benefits hypnosis offers to clients.

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1. Relaxation

2. Stress Management

3. Confidence & Self Esteem

4. Eliminate Fears & Phobias

5. Relationship Enhancement


6. Weight Control

7. Pain Management & Illness

8. Sleep Disorders & Insomnia

9 . Strengthen Immune System

10. Athletic Skills & Performance

11. Stress-Induced Medical Issues


12. Overcome Sabotage

13. Eliminate Procrastination

14. Improve Memory

15. Strengthen Creativity & Talents

16. Motivation & Goal Setting


17. Stop Smoking

18. Habit Control

19. Self Love & Intimacy

20. Communication Skills

21. Overcome Addictions & Co-dependency