How to properly plant tomatoes

Tomatoes are some of the most common vegetables you'll find in local gardens. But when it comes to making sure your plants are productive, it's all about how you plant them.

That's the word from Cathy Carpenter, a master gardener with the University of Illinois Extension Service.

First dig a large hole. Then plant the tomato deep into the soil - even covering up the first couple of branches of the plant. Click here for a tutorial from Carpenter and KHQA's Melissa Shriver.

Carpenter says that deep planting makes for a stronger plant.

"It involves making that tomato more strongly anchored into the ground. The tomato will sprout roots along that stem that you've buried and have a firmer footing shall we say," Carpenter said.

Carpenter also suggests planting tomatoes a couple feet apart. This gives tomatoes growing room and allows you to stake them up.

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