How to pick out the perfect present for a wedding

Putting together a personalized wedding gift is all about presentation. Pick out products that you know the couple will like. Ditch the traditional basket and use something more functional like a lantern.

She may not use it much in the kitchen but the cookbook that Joy Berhorst's grandmother gave her as a wedding gift, has another purpose.

"I've been married a long time so it's just nice to have that cookbook and then you open it up and it makes a nice memory," she said.

Berhorst's wedding was more than 30 years ago but the meaning of that gift is still strong.

"Specialized gifts just bring back that memory of whatever gift you gave them," she said. "Then they've always got that special memory that you've embedded into their lives."

Berhorst owns her own creative decorating store in Quincy. She says you can leave the same lasting impression on a bride and groom by creating your own gift.

"Look for things that are a little bit different and unique not just the plain ordinary department store gift that's going to come in a box."

Before you start buying for the couple, there's one thing guests should do.

"Do their homework," Berhorst said. "You might take a sneak peek at their bridal registry and kind of get a little bit of tips on that to find out what types of things they like especially if you don't know the couple really well and personal."

Then present the gift in a unique way. (Get some gift wrapping ideas, here.)

"The rugs can be the packaging, the lantern can be the packaging whatever, even a clay pot," Berhorst said. "It just makes a great presentation and just a beautiful gift."

But the most special thing about a personalized wedding gift is what the couple will see every time they look at it.

"They're going to remember their wedding so it's just a special time to bring memories into their home and into their lives," she said.

The same thing Berhorst's grandmother's cookbook still does for her.