How to get your outdoor plants winter-ready

Wellman suggests holding off on planting mums until spring.

With the first freeze warning last night, it's definitely time to start thinking about getting your outdoor plants and shrubs ready for the winter.

Karen Wellman, with Wellman Florist and Greenhouse in Quincy says knowing what to do now is key to a healthy plant this spring.

First, while you can still cut and enjoy your blooms, she says it's important to hold off giving your knock-out rose bushes a major haircut until late winter or early spring.

That allows the roses to have more protection from the elements over the winter. Click here for more from KHQA This Morning.

And if you bought a potted hardy mum recently - listen up.

Wellman suggests holding off on planting them until spring.

Instead place pots inside your garage or basement and water monthly. Click here for more on why planting potted mums too late in the fall means a 50/50 chance of survival.

"It takes a good two months for a mum's root system to get established down into the ground," Wellman said. "If you do have to plant them, you definitely want to mulch them and keep them the way they are. Don't trim off the blooms and cut the foliage back. That foliage really guards the root system to give them a better chance to survive until the spring."

Wellman encourages you to cover all perennial flowering plants with a sheet at night during freezes to extend the life of your blooms.

But she says for the most part, leave them alone. Mother Nature will take care of them for you until spring. Click here to watch more from KHQA This Morning.