History hits the road at the Amateur History Road Show

This will be the second annual Amateur History Road Show. Last year it had only 6 collection displays. This year it's doubled.

Pat Humphrey's first purchase at an antique store is what got him hooked on history.

"I was in an antique shop in Camp Point, Illinois and there was just a newspaper print of the 1926 Yankees that was the first item that I bought and I've been buying and collecting since then," Humphrey said.

He's been collecting sports memorabilia for more than 30 years. Now he and other antique buffs want to show you their collections.

"On Public Television there's a very popular show called the Antiques Roadshow and we kind of spun off of that with the idea that we could do an Amateur History Road Show just with amateurs bringing their own artifacts in to show them to talk about them and to learn about them," Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County Executive Director, Reg Ankrom said.

This is the second year the Quincy Park District and the Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County are holding the show. Last year the event had only 6 collections on display. This year it's doubled, featuring everything from post cards to school artifacts.

"Post cards are obviously the perfect picture of how Quincy grew up," post card collector Roger Frankenhoff said. "Most of my pictures are probably 60- to 100-years-old."

"It seems as though history repeats itself," Historical Society member Jane Moody said. "We feel it's important for each generation to appreciate what came before."

At last year's show, a woman brought in a piece of paper she knew nothing about. It turned out to be a communion certificate signed by Father Augustus Tolton.

"These are people we can learn from and learn about and learn something about ourselves," Ankrom said.

For Humphrey, it's about baseball.

The History Road Show will be held this Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Gardner Museum in Quincy.

Get a sneak peek at what artifacts will be at the show, here.