Hey! Stop that sneezing!

Nothing says spring quite like your allergies. Sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose ... but how do you know if your nose problems are a cold or seasonal allergies?

Dr. Justin Imhof with Hannibal Clinic says if your symptoms last for a while, it's probably allergies.

There is some relief for you though. You can take a decongestant that will do just what it says, decongest your nose, but it doesn't take care of the whole problem.

Your body produces chemical histamines that cause the symptoms you experience. So, an easy fix is to take an antihistamine. You can get those at any drug store.

"The best single treatment for allergies is a nasal steroid or a nasal spray, and then there are also allergy shots or immunotherapy that is generally reserved for patients with severe allergy symptoms or people who are not responding well to medical therapy," Dr. Justin Imhof said.

Spring isn't the only time people with allergies suffer.

People with tree allergies see symptoms in the spring.

Some people are allergic to grasses and weeds. Those people typically see symptoms in the summer and fall.