Grab your kids, your pets and celebrate

April 26th is National Kids and Pets Day. Grab you pets, the kids and celebrate!

Amy Kientzle grew up with cats and dogs.

"I've had them since the time I was born actually," she said. "I started out with a German Shepherd and his name was Storm and a cat named Ralph and they were always there to comfort me no matter what."

Now she's surrounded by animals all day. Kientzle is an adoption counselor at the Quincy Humane Society. Her job is to match the more than dozens of pets in shelter with permanent homes. She especially loves it when she can introduce children to their soon to be best friend.

"I really believe that it helps teach us how to not only take care of pets but it teaches love and helps us grow up to be loving parents," she said.

National Kids and Pets Day is held every April 26th to celebrate that loving bond.

"It helps us remember why we love having pets, as children," Kientzle said. "You'll always have your pet when you go home and they're always there to love you."

Can a child have any type of pet?

"You have to be very careful as to which pet you choose because not every dog is great with children and not every cat is great with children," Kientzle said.

That's where Kientzle's job comes in. Paring pets and people is a skill she's developed over a lifetime.

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