Go thrifting for treasures and give to a cause

Check out this old thrift store painting and picture frame turned chalkboard.

It may not be the first place you go to when you think of shopping but if you're trying to save money, it should be.

The Quincy Salvation Army Thrift Store is filled with, what you may think is junk. But Store Manager Scott Andrews sees it differently.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Andrew said. "We always get things that are tattered and torn and people will look at it and say 'oh it's got great lines I could really use this,' and then they leave with a smile on their face and they're just ready to tackle that project."

Everything sold in the thrift store undergoes an inspection.

"We look for stains we look for things that are unusable," he said. "If it's not useable then we're unable to sell it."

How is it priced when it hits the floor?

"We look at each item and we try to make it affordable for everybody to buy, yet still make some money for the thrift store," Andrew said.

That leaves you with prices like $3 for shirts or $4 for home décor. Even big ticket items like couches have slashed prices.

But shopping at this thrift store is about more than turning this trash into treasure. The money you spend here, goes directly back into the community.

All the proceeds from the Thrift Store go directly to the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. The facility helps people in crisis situations and disaster victims who need clothing or furniture.

"I would hope that it would give people a better feeling in their hearts to know that not only are they're getting a good deal but while they're getting a good deal people's lives are being changed," Major Andy Miller said. "We are changing lives."

"What we do here is impacting people's lives everyday," Andrews said.

Last year, $88,000 went to support the shelter. The most thrifty deal of all because Andrews says you turn your "... trash into cash."

You can get easy tips to repurpose thrift store items, here.