Go behind the curtain at the Quincy Community Theatre?

This is a behind the scenes photo of the scene shop at the Quincy Community Theatre. Every set is handcrafted by QCT Staff and volunteers.

Almost everyone has that one child memory they carry with them forever ...

"For me it was always fun kind of sneaking up to my grandma's attic and trying to see what treasures she had there," Quincy Community Theatre's Student Theatre Director Brandon Thomsen said.

Now Brandon Thomsen is combining that memory with his up coming production of Peter Pan.

"That's kind of the idea, that these kids are sneaking up into the attic and they're pulling out all of the 'junk' and they're going to act out the story of Peter Pan in this attic and become all of the characters," he said.

Before the actors hit the stage, there's a lot of details that need to be sorted out.

"What should the look of the show be?" Thomsen said. "What should the set look like? What should the costumes look like?"

Who has those answers?

"The set designer, the costume designer, anyone behind the scenes we read the script and we talk about it," Thomsen said. "We talk about how we see the story, what we think it's about, what do we want to say with the story? What would be something fun for us to work on, something for the actors and what would be something fun with the audience."

Once plans are made it takes about two months for the QCT team to build a set, pick out costumes and cast actors. (Get a look behind the QCT curtain by clicking, here.)

When the curtain finally raises on opening night ...

"... It's just exhilarating to see the audience response to something we created," Thomsen said.

Thomsen hopes to get that same feeling at Peter Pan's debut.

"You kind of cross your fingers and hope 'will they like it? will they understand it?'" he said. "With Peter Pan we're doing it so differently we hope that people will go on that ride with us."

Peter Pan auditions are being held April 28th, click here for more details.