Go back in time to the sights and smells of the 1800s

You can take a trip back in time this Saturday, complete with the sights and smells of life in the 1800s.

It's all part of the Quincy Museum's 18th Annual Folk Life Festival.

The Quincy Museum Folk Life Festival will feature old-fashioned children's games and people gifted in the old arts. Those arts include everything from a traditional blacksmith to weavers and crafters. Click here to learn more about what will be offered at the Folk Life Festival.

Museum Executive Director Barbara Wilkinson-Fletcher says the festival started 18-years-ago in an effort to keep those historic talents alive. Now it's also an important means of keeping this museum a living part of the community.

"The museum receives no state or federal funding, so fund raisers like the Folk Life Festival and the support of the community is really important to us," Fletcher said. "It's also important to step back to a simpler time and see how people used to live."

Another highlight at the Quincy Museum - jams and jellies, handmade in the kitchen here at the Quincy Museum.

Jannel Vonderhaar is an instructor here at the Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion and many times can be found cooking up home-made jams and jellies. Click here to watch jelly-making on KHQA This Morning. She says eating homemade makes a big difference.

"With our fast-paced lifestyles and easy access to the grocery store, you lose that homemade taste," Vonderhaar said.

Click here to watch how this homemade jelly is placed in jars and sealed.

So while treating your taste buds, you are also helping preserve a Quincy landmark for future generations.

Click here to watch more from the Quincy Museum's new exhibit 'Beauty in Nature'.

The Quincy Museum Folk Life Festival kicks off this Saturday, September 21. It will be held on the lawn of the Quincy Museum from noon to 5 p.m.

A ticket to the event costs $1 and includes admission to the Quincy Museum.