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Two pieces of art on exhibit at the Quincy Art Center

Art. Some of us have that creative gene and others, not so much. If you ask Anne Stupavsky which category she fell in during the 80s she would have said the latter.

"I was not a natural artist," she said. "I was not naturally one of those people that did art and drew as a child, I never wanted to take art classes, in fact I wouldn't touch them."

It wasn't until Stupavsky's friend made her join the Quincy Art Center that she realized art wasn't so bad.

"I like the place, I like the people, I like the paintings, I like the atmosphere," she said.

As a member, Stupavsky is able to learn about different art forms and have her pieces featured in exhibits.

"You get wonderful opportunities for things that are going on here at the Art Center," Director of Education Jennifer Teter said. "There's classes, events, exhibits and you get to meet a lot of different people."

Stupavsky says the people are one the most important parts of the Art Center.

"The art community, that was not some place I had been previously part of." Stupavsky said. "When it's a brand new place they're very friendly and welcoming."

Sylvana Purcell is originally from India and as a Art Center member she knows first hand that family feel it gives off.

"When I came to America and settled down over here my mother-in-law said, 'Why don't you go over there since you paint?'" she said. "I was so timid and I thought my work wouldn't go well over here but Quincy just kind of put their arms around me."

"You meet so many different people you realize there's so many different things in the world and I have learned so much about different styles of art," Art Center member Linda Buechting said.

"You can learn just by looking at everyone else's work where you can improve and where your strengths are," local artist Debra Scoggin said.

"When you come to an art center like this you get exposed to a lot of different people who have wide ranges of different abilities and you get inspired to try things your normally wouldn't," two year Art Center member Paul Tracy said.

That inspiration is what has kept Stupavsky membership going for more than 30 years. She hopes when you join you'll ... "Find out that you can do and be a lot and experience a lot you haven't in life," she said.

The Center is holding a free canvas painting event tomorrow called Art Appetit.

It goes from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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