Get your chicken dance ready and celebrate National Wing Day

Spud's Wings and Things keeps its wings simple. The only ingredients are chicken wings, hot oil and a special dry rub.

Everyone has their favorite wing spot and favorite sauce, but Spud's Wings and Things at the Adams County Fair says it can trump them all.

"Usually when people first try our wings they're not ready for that unique flavor and so we always see their eyes pop and jerk back like, "what is this?"" Spud's Wings and Things co-owner Demond Dade said. "The special thing about us is that we have a unique seasoning we put on the wings and everyone seems to like it."

What's in that seasoning? Demond Dade says only he and the other two owners of Spud's, his bother-in-laws know.

"It's black labeled so you can't get it in the store, we make it," he said.

Spud's keeps its wings simple. The only ingredients are chicken wings, hot oil and that special dry rub. Once you bite into it, your may recognize the flavor. Think barbeque.

"My brother-in-law endearingly named it tater-chip-chicken because he said it taste like potato chips," Dade said. "So, that's one secret to the taste to them."

Spud's is all about the chicken wing but it's what goes on behind the scene that matters most.

"The favorite thing for us is it keeps all our family together," Dade said.

"It's pretty much all family and we get along with each other pretty good and we're understanding so it's pretty fun," Dade's nephew Tomas Dean said.

Right now, Dade and his family are serving up their special wings and family charm at local events but they have bigger dreams for Spud's.

"Hopefully one day we will open up a restaurant in Quincy," Dade said.

And hopefully one day we'll figure out that secret seasoning!

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